When Joining a Search and Rescue organization, you are making a commitment of time and some expense. The time being used for training and searches and the expense is from having to own some of your own equipment,( Backpack, Hiking Boots, Spare Clothing, Trail food), you require enough water and food to maintain yourself for a period of 24 hrs. The training portion of Search and Rescue is based on required elements from the Justice Institute of BC for your GSAR, (Ground Search and Rescue) Certificate. This course involves about 74 hours of study including class time. The studies involve mapping, compass, survival, types of searches etc. Once you have your Certificate you can advance to Team Leader or  SAR Manager, which are courses done by the Justice Institute at no cost to you. Other courses are available to Search and Rescue Members. These courses will be paid for by the Organization once you have your GSAR certificate. If one wants to take any of these courses before getting there certification, they will have to pay for them and will be re-paid for their expenses once obtaining their certificate. If you have questions, please call one of the people under the contact menu on the home page.