April-7 Sabaston Road Missing male

April-9 Vidette, Deadman Creek area, Missing male, found

May-11 Logan Lake Area, Missing male, found

May-17 Barriere, Missing Male, found

June-4 Melba Lake, Carry out for BCAS of injured Bider (British Columbia Ambulance Service)

June-5 Mount Paul, Missing ATV’r, found

June-16 Chase, Missing 9 year old Boy, Found

July-7 Logan Lake, Missing Elderly Male, Found

Aug-10 Missing Male, Lower Nicola Valley, Prospect Creek, Found

Aug-20 Called out on Search but stood down on Route

Aug-28 Knutsfor, Injured Hunter to be carried out

Aug-29 Missing woman, Green lake Area, found

Sept-8 Barnhartville 16 yr old missing, found

Sept-17 Missing 14 year old Male, Found

Oct-13 Pennask Mountain, lost hunters, found