Requirements for Search and Rescue

Joining any Search and Rescue group is a commitment of time and energy and should not be taken too lightly as there is a lot material to learn and some cost involved for a new recruit that has no equipment. There is also the fact that you can be called out at anytime of the day or night and be away from family and friends for days at a time depending on the task.

  • Must be 19 years of age or 16 with parental permission.
  • Volunteers from all walks of life can join, there is always a job to be done no matter what your background is.
  • Volunteers must have a clean police record and allow a criminal check to be done on the recruit.
  • If the volunteer wishes to drive the emergency vehicles, they must have a driver’s abstract done.
  • It is not necessary to take the GSAR (Ground Search and Rescue) training to become a member.
  • There are other jobs that need to be done besides searches. (Finance, Equipment, Runner, Communications, Fundraising)
  • If the recruit does not take the Gsar training, he or she is not able to take courses put on by the Justice Institute, such as Team Leader and SAR Manager.  And for any courses that have a fee attached, the recruit is responsible for paying it. If the recruit takes the GSAR course (approx. 72 hours), any cost will be paid for by the organization.
  • Recruits that take the GSAR training course should be in reasonable physical fitness and have the necessary equipment to maintain themselves  for a 24 hour period. This includes water and food, clothing, and any other equipment required.

The training takes place the first and last Monday of the month with an occasional weekend day.

Membership meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of the month.